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Founded by a group of young professionals and entrepreneurs, on April 16th 2007, the CcLáQ is a non-profit organization, pioneer,  for its vast activities and dynamic spirit that motivates them.

Without precedent, the CcLáQ is a precursor in two levels : it reunites the Latinos already established in the province and it highlights their achievements while focusing on the local challenges of their new home: Quebec.

The chamber actively promotes a better understanding of businesses opportunities in Latin-America. In order to achieve its goals, the CcLaQ privileges the organization and celebration of events within the business community in Quebec and particularly, the Latin-American community.

The CcLaQ offers its members the opportunity to gain more awareness, networking activities to facilitate the exchange of professional and entrepreneurial business opportunities in Quebec, latin-America and worldwide.

The members of the chamber can create business connections and partnerships with other active members of the socio-economic scene in Quebec.
For this purpose, the CcLáQ organizes conferences; professional, entrepreneurial and business workshops, brunch-conferences, networking cocktails as well as cultural and industrial activities.